"Oh no! The Yips!"

Are you struggling with your putting?

Do you dread the short putts ?

Can you 'feel' yourself getting anxious as you walk onto the green?

Are you not enjoying your round of golf anymore because of bad putting?

Is your short putting beginning to embarrass you in front of your friends?

Does any of the following describe YOU?

If the answer is YES to any of the above - you have the putting YIPS.

It's OK to admit it. It's very common and many famous golfers have suffered from the YIPS (Ben Hogan, Bernard Langer, Sam Sneed, Tom Watson, to name but a few).

So what causes the YIPS, and what can be done to cure it?

First the cause . It has been confirmed by world wide studies (including studies at the Mayo Clinic, U.S.A.), that the YIPS is a PSYCHO-NEUROMUSCULAR affliction.

In simple language - it's a MENTAL PROBLEM !

Do you need proof ?

Why not ?

Because you still DREAD facing that two foot putt 'live' in your fourball.

The reason is SIMPLE - you have the YIPS, and its a MENTAL PROBLEM which you have not yet overcome.

Without tackling the MENTAL aspects of your game, you're wasting your time trying all these methods to overcome the Yips.

Golfers come in all shapes and sizes, and they use a vast variety of putters, styles and grips. However, ALL great putters have one thing in common - CONFIDENCE!

Using this website, I will help RESTORE your CONFIDENCE in your putting and get your back to enjoying your game of golf.

The Cure for Yips will be the best investment you've ever made and I promise my method will be far more successful than all the putters, books and lessons you've so far wasted your hard-earned money on.

Are you ready to cure your Yips?

Dr. Colin Gleeson, YipsHelp, Castletownbere, Co. Cork, Ireland.
Email: info@yipshelp.com

Last modified: 30 August 2012