Now using this site I will take you along a path, leading to your Yips being cured.

There are five stages to curing the Yips:

  1. Immediate 'emergency' treatment of the Yips to tide you over your present crisis. (Short-term cure)
  2. Explanation of the faulty 'thought mechanisms' which trigger your anxiety over putting.
  3. Practical mental exercises to counteract your tension on the green.
  4. Improvement of mental strength to restore your putting confidence. (Long-term cure)
  5. Golf tips - both physical and mental.

The fee for helping you to overcome the YIPS is just $69.95. It will be the best $69.95 you've ever spent and I promise my method will be far more successful than all the putters, books and lessons you've so far wasted your hard-earned money on.

You will ENJOY the challenge of putting again , and it will lift your spirits and your game !

When you're ready to start (and finish) curing the yips, please press the 'Buy Now' key below.

This link will allow you to pay with paypal or by credit card (you do not have to be registered with Paypal to pay). The link and the payment procedure are all encrypted and completely secure. Immediately upon successful payment you will be transferred to the detailed information of my cure.

Please note, 'curing the Yips' comprises advice provided online, no merchandise will be sent. In order to receive your Yips cure, once you have paid through Paypal, you MUST follow the return to merchant link that brings you back to the cure page on this website. (But if you have any problems, just get in touch and we'll send you a link.) The advantage? You're just minutes away from starting the cure. Ready? Click the [buy now] button below:

Dr. Colin Gleeson, YipsHelp, Castletownbere, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Last modified: 13 August 2014