"Oh no! The Yips!"

Welcome to my site about the Yips. Here you will find a cure for the yips .. the putting yips to be precise. After following my 'curing the yips' instructions, your silky smooth PUTTING STROKE and your CONFIDENCE on the greens will return.

Every golfer has heard of the putting 'yips'. It's the inability to make a smooth putting stroke, particularly due to tension in the hands causing jitters, uncertainty, fear, tremors and a general feeling of anxiety while standing over short putts.

A huge number of golfers suffer from the Yips, and that includes professionals! The Yips can be so debilitating that Yips sufferers lose all confidence in their game and golf becomes a sport of torture rather than pleasure, and curing the Yips has been notoriously difficult.

However, Yips help is at hand!

Years ago I suffered from the Yips myself, so I started to research the subject and consulted with my professional colleagues. Slowly but surely I developed a cure for my Yips which has also proved to work very well for others. You can learn about my Yips cure on this site, so feel welcome to click through and gradually restore your confidence in your putting.

Soon enough you'll start enjoying in the game again.

My Mission ..

.. on this site, is to share with you the therapy that I have developed for successfully beating the putting 'Yips'.

About me

I am a medical doctor with a family practice in South West Ireland. Although mine is a busy and demanding profession, I do make time to be a competitive participant in a number of sports. I enjoy sailing in Lasers, windsurfing, soccer, racquetball and skiing .. but my real passion is golf!

... Have you got the Yips?

Dr. Colin Gleeson, YipsHelp, Castletownbere, Co. Cork, Ireland.
Email: info@yipshelp.com

Last modified: 30 August 2012