Dear Dr. Gleeson,

I have suffered from the Yips for the last five years and was ready to give up golf when I came across your site. Three months after using your program I have been cured of the Yips completely. Thank you very much. I would have liked to know your therapy years earlier. Anyway, I am off to the golf course right now. Thanks again.
Lothar Neude, Krefeld, Germany.

Dear Colin,

Thanks very much for sharing with me your cure for the Yips. It has worked for me! Cured my Yips by following your therapy to the letter. Two months into the course my Yips have abated.
Your course gave me great insight into the background of Yips and has helped me in my non-golf life too!
Hermanus Bosman, Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Dear Colin,

You must have the luck of the Irish! And now I have too!
After trying to get rid of my Yips for a long time your cure has finally reduced it to zero. Many thanks.
Johan Pieterse, Arnhem, Holland.

Hi Colin,

Your cure worked. You gave the Yips the quits. You're d' man!
Benjamin Osoto, New York, USA.

Dear Doc,

Thanks very much for making your Yips cure available. A month into the therapy my Yips is a shadow if its fearsome past. Whatsmore, I now understand that it was I who caused it. Your cure makes me play more than at any time previously. Keep up the good work!

Antonio Diez,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Colin Gleeson, YipsHelp, Castletownbere, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Last modified: 30 August 2012